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13th Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition

The objectives of this Competition are to generate interest in scientific study through investigative-type projects.It is also a platform for schools in the North Zone to exhibit and share their findings with others. 

Through their great efforts, our teachers and pupils have achieved 2 Certificates of Commendation in their projects.

The Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA)

Toh Jing Wen, Venice from Primary 2 Nation Loving achieved the Merit prize for the ScizKid award with her creation.

Our teachers were also acknowledged for organising this event at the school level and the active participation in promoting creativity among students. 

  • Mr Jeyachandran and Mr Umar for achieving the SCSA Blue Ribbon Award 
  • Miss Yong Hui Wen for achieving the SCSA Diamond Award.

MTL Symposium 2014

Congratulations to the following students and teachers for presenting during the Mother Tongue Languages Symposium 2014:

  1. Jayalekshmi d/o Sudesh from Primary 5
  2. Deen Latoza Ferozdeen from Primary 5
  3. Ms Sivakami
  4. Mr Vasanthavelan

2014 World Youth Stamp Exhibition

One of our participating teams has their exhibit “Mending Gaia's Broken Heart” (the only primary school exhibit) selected. Together with 2 other secondary schools, “Idolize Animals” (Holy Innocents’ High School) and “Blooming Beauties” (Serangoon Secondary School), they will represent Singapore in the Malaysia 2014 World Youth Stamp Exhibition from 1st to 6th December.

Results of SYF Arts Presentation 2014

We would like to congratulate our Performing Art groups in achieving excellent results for this year SYF Arts Presentation.

Certificates of Distinction

  1. Chinese Dance
  2. Modern Dance
  3. Indian Dance
  4. Malay Dance
  5. Gamelan

National Stamp Collecting Competition Results 2014
Our school has clinched the Primary School Championship Award for the 5th consecutive year! In total, we garnered 3 gold, 2 silver with special prize, 8 silver and 11 bronze.

Results of SYF Arts Presentation 2014

Certificates of Accomplishment

  1. Angklung/Kulintang Ensemble
  2. Concert Band

PSLE Listening Comprehension Exam - 19/09/2014 (Friday)

Due to PSLE Listening Comprehension Exam , Primary 1 to Primary 5 students do not have to attend school on Friday (19/9/2014).

Edusave Character Awards (ECHA)

The Edusave Character Award is given out to recognise students for demonstrating exemplary character and outstanding personal qualities through their behaviour and actions. Your child will be selected by his school for this award at the end of the year if he meets the criteria.

Parents, who wish to recommend any pupil for the above award, please click here to download the Edusave Character Award-Nomination Form (Appendix 3- Parents and Partners). All forms need to be submitted to the office by Thursday, 2nd October 2014.

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