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Results of Tamil Language Competitions during Tamil Language Festival

We won the 1st prize for Story-telling Competition and also the 1st prize for the Chinnajiru Drama Competition organised by NIE, TLC on 5th of April. Our school was also awarded with the Overall Championship Challenge Trophy.

Results of SYF Arts Presentation 2014

We would like to congratulate our Performing Art groups in achieving excellent results for this year SYF Arts Presentation.

Certificates of Distinction

  1. Chinese Dance
  2. Modern Dance
  3. Indian Dance
  4. Malay Dance
  5. Gamelan

Results of SYF Arts Presentation 2014

Certificates of Accomplishment

  1. Angklung/Kulintang Ensemble
  2. Concert Band

award_2.png award_3.gif award_4.jpg award_5.jpg award_6.jpg award_7.jpg award_8.png